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St John's Catholic Primary School

School Meals

Chartwells currently provide our school meals and are an outside contractor, they are not employed by the school.

The cost of a meal is £2.35 payable in advance online via ParentPay.

All school meals including paid meals, Universal Free School Meals and Free School Meals need to be pre-booked via ParentPay by the Friday before each week. 


At St John’s we take the health care and wellbeing of our staff and children very seriously.

Currently in school, we have a number of children who require an Epipen due to a nut allergy. Therefore, it is imperative that all packed lunches do not contain any nut based food products such as biscuits or pastries containing nuts, peanut butter, whole nut chocolates etc. These are just a few examples, but it can be easy to avoid nut based foods in our packed lunches.

This will be the same for all packed lunches taken on school trips.

Thank you for supporting us in keeping our children safe.


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