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St John's Catholic Primary School

Design and Technology

“I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Subject Leader - Lisa Lambourne 


The National Curriculum for Design Technology aims to ensure that it is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject for all children, requiring determination, inspiration and creativity.

At St John’s, we want to inspire our children to be confident, enthusiastic learners. We hope to prepare our children as the next generation of designers in a rapidly changing world and we aim to do this by providing our children with a wide range of exciting opportunities and experiences where they develop their skills and understanding of technology. We also aim for them to develop ways of utilising these skills to express themselves and their beliefs, highlighting issues that are important to them and as a consequence becoming autonomous and creative problem solvers-both as individuals and part of a team.


Our design technology curriculum is planned carefully to ensure that it addresses the objectives set out in the National Curriculum, both in designing and in the principles of nutrition and how to cook.  It is developed to provide our children with a variety of creative and practical activities, that develop their processes and skills in designing and making.

There is a clear curriculum map which sets out the skills, knowledge and covered from the foundation stage (nursery and reception) up to Year 6 and shows exactly how the children progress throughout the year, and year on year.  Cross curricular learning applications in design technology are often used.  Students will gain a clear understanding of basic health and safety procedures in relation to the subject, starting in Early years and developing as they move through each school year. 


As a result of our curriculum, children at St John’s Catholic Primary develop a love of design technology and progress in their designing, creating and application skills. They will leave school with increased understanding of why we need such skills, the processes and stages involved, and the impact that DT has on our lives and the environment. Children will have had the opportunity to develop and to enjoy design technology in many ways – through designing using CAD, woodwork, cooking, sewing etc.  Their work will demonstrate a clear progression of knowledge and skills in design technology and they will have an understanding of how to further develop skills, should they develop an interest in a particular area of design technology in the future.

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Examples of learning in EYFS

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Examples of learning in KS 1

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Examples of learning in KS 2

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