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St John's Catholic Primary School

Year 6


All Homework is due back the day after it has been set. 


Spellings for week ending 23/9/2022


There will be a spelling test on Friday 23rd September on these spellings.


Tuesday 20th September 2022


CGP GPS Book - Pages 6 (Verbs) & 7 (Adverbs)

Please complete both pages and bring book back to mark the next day.

Wednesday 21st September 2022

Arithmetic - 20 questions to be completed 


 Thursday 22nd September 2022

 CGP Arithmetic Book - Pages 8 (Calculating with Negative Numbers) & 9 (Solving Number Problems)




Collin's E-Books:

Use the link:  https://ebooks.collinsopenpage.com/

The username consists of the school code (UKSJCPRI) followed by your child’s first name and surname (omitting any space, accents, hyphens or apostrophes).

Example below…if your child’s name was Jon Smith

Username: UKSJCPRIjonsmith

Password: Abc12345   (the ‘A’ is in capital)




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