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St John's Catholic Primary School

Year 1 


Daily activities - 

Reading – Please read with your child daily, try different types of books and magazines if you have them. Other resources you could use are takeaway leaflets, television programmes, the school website, the school newspaper found on the school website etc.

Phonics – Phase 3- Throughout the week, work your way through the booklets. There is a separate booklet for each phase. Try to complete 2 pages a day to make this manageable.

Also, we are also promoting this:


This is the website we use in class. You can play at your leisure the games we use in school.


Week 2:

You can complete this work in your Homework Book.

Live Web Cams at the zoo! Check it out!! Keep learning about Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores.




English: These activities will last for the whole week.

In preparation to next terms theme- Enchanted Woodlands, we are asking the children to look at their favourite Fairy Tale. This could be Goldilocks, The three Little Pigs, Cinderella, etc. These  activities can be completed one per day and over the course of a week.

  • - Re-enact your chosen story
  • - Talk about your favourite character and why you like it?
  • - Who is the baddy in the book? Why don’t you like them?
  • - Write the story to your favourite fairy tale.
  • - Read your story aloud to your family.



Maths- Number bonds challenge sheet 2.


Tuesday –

Maths: Edshed Login.

Please practice the add up to 20.


Wednesday –

Maths: Edshed Login

Please practice subtract up to 20.


Thursday –

Maths: Missing numbers worksheet from Twinkl.


Friday –

Maths: Tens and ones worksheet from Twinkl.



We have added some challenge cards for maths if your child wants to push their thinking!

We have also added the list of words that the children need to know before the end of the year. IT is not only reading them, it is also spelling them and using them correctly in a piece of writing.


For the Week-

RE- Continued from last week - We covered The Good Samaritan and made Lenten promises of giving something back in school. Can the children make a list of all the Good Samaritan deeds they can complete? Their task to complete it over the next two weeks and tick when completed. 


Click here to listen to our teachers sing our end of day prayer


Videos - 

Click here to listen to Miss Button read 'Hairy Maclary' 



Documents to support your child's learning - 




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